Organize a party

The O’Learys Event Center offers excellent opportunities for the celebration of festive occasions and adrenaline-filled and thrilling get-togethers. Are you looking for a place to celebrate your birthday, have a party after a school graduation, organise bowling tournaments with your friends, hold a viewing of your freshly edited wedding video, cheer on a sports event or bring a larger group to the première of a movie in a hall, where excellent culinary experiences accompany your visual experiences? With us, all of the above is possible, including much more. We offer entertainment to suit all tastes and limited only by your fantasy.

We have entertainment packages for kids and adults.

But if you wish to throw your event in a more private setting, then we also have a solution! For closed events, we offer a private bowling area, two comfortable movie halls and a party room with a relaxing sauna on the second floor.

• The private bowling area includes 3 bowling lanes, lounge area and the private bar. Thea area is suitable for up to 30 people.

The party room is for smaller groups and is perfect to combine with a sauna on the second floor. Organise a party with your friends or an O’Learys-style dinner party, or actually, anything that you desire! The room accommodates up to 20 people.

• On the second floor of O'Learys we have two innovative movie halls. The Apollo Cinema Restaurant accommodates up to 44 people and the exclusive Unibet Sports Arena up to 90 people. Unibet Sports Arena is a true pearl where the visual experience can be viewed on one large cinema screen and several small side screens, thereby making it perfect for watching important sports events.

If interested and/or if you have any questions, please write to us at [email protected]